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Krypteia is a short browser-based game about femininity and visibility. It’s about going out at night on your own, wearing clothes you find in the trash and dealing with monsters.

Emily Short wrote a lovely review here, covering some of the classical implications of the title, and Sam Kabo Ashwell wrote some cool stuff about female/queer monsterism and subverting the Hero’s Journey trope. Leigh Alexander listed it as one of her top picks of IFComp in The Guardian, describing it as follows:

Although this game is hypertext-based, it has all the familiar signposts of a more traditional game: A map, an inventory and graphics, a surreal sort of glitchville that combines luridly colored forbidden woods with oilslick rainbows and sparkles – and even the occasional stiletto heel. It’s about escape from oppression, but it’s charming and funny about it.

It contains music, some flickering images, and themes of violence and harassment. Some people have reported serious problems reading the text, and if this affects you, I’m sorry. I’m working on a higher-contrast/colourblind friendly version.

It won’t run in Safari, but Chrome/Firefox should be OK.

Play it here.

Source code here.

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